Testing the quad



Tired of cutting your fingers during the testing stage of your quad.


Then make some thin cardboard short propellers.Your fingers will thank you.



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  • I use a 2 to 3 inch piece of string. and just hold in place with the nut tightened down. you can put your fingers directly in it and nothing..


  • Good for you, Good Luck - :)

  • I'm typing with my nose.Just kidding, I never had any injuries with the quad until now.

  • ionut, how many fingers left?

  • Ohh the Papercuts!  ;-) 


    I'd cut my leg on a plane prop way back, and I like the idea of visual markers.


  • @Simone-You can hear better which motors accelerate also you can feel the air flow compared with no propeller.


    @healthfatboy-I my case I could stop the propeller without any cuts.I'm using thin cardboard that is easy to bend.You can bend the propeller edge if you feel more comfortable.

  • T3

    Having been cut by a cardboard box once, like a paper cut but much worse, I can only imagine it's not much different than getting hit by a prop!

  • Why not just without propellers?

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