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ionut commented on Jeff Vyduna's blog post Tragic RC Helicopter Death in Brooklyn Park
"Maybe is time for quad makers to sell some blade protections as well."
Sep 6, 2013
ionut commented on u4eake's blog post Crossing the English Channel (France-England) and back autonomously
"Can you provide some details regarding what motor and batteries you used?"
Jul 25, 2013
ionut commented on Hex Air Robot's blog post Hex demostrated in San Francisco
"If you remove the plastic frame you can rename it AXE :)"
May 22, 2013
ionut commented on Thomas J Coyle III's blog post Student designs unmanned aircraft for farmers at Shropshire university
"what can he say about the battery life? Quads have a very short endurance and Drone 2.0 even shorter which makes it useless"
May 1, 2013
ionut commented on Alejandro Martin Pirola's blog post 3D Printed Quadcopter with detachable arms
"what printer are you using?"
Apr 28, 2013
ionut commented on Thomas J Coyle III's blog post Dehogiflier, pig hunting drone
"You should install flamethrowers on sides of the drone and throw fire on them like a dragon.That will double the fun.You may end up lighting the whole forest but that seems to be only a minor issue :)"
Apr 14, 2013
ionut commented on John Wiseman's blog post ADS-B decoding on an AR.Drone
"6300 planes flying right know.Image just how much gas all these planes are burning.We are doomed"
Apr 2, 2013
ionut commented on Jethro Hazelhurst's blog post Brushless Gimbals from RCTimer
Mar 23, 2013
ionut posted a blog post
The length of the model car  is the smallest in the world is only 0285 mm, more or less the equivalent of a grain of sand.In order to achieve such a model of formula 1 car it took less than 4 minutes.. It was made ​​up of 100 microscopic layers,…
Mar 23, 2013
ionut commented on Hex Air Robot's blog post making another HeX
"Smoking kills!"
Mar 5, 2013
ionut commented on Maxime Carrier's blog post Good quality low light camera, night FPV ?
"I also owned an Canon Calculator J110 and was a total joke.The battery couldn't hold for even one day.I ended throwing it in the bin.Stay away of Canon products.Bogus quality."
Mar 5, 2013
ionut commented on Jack Crossfire's blog post Tablets, copters, & extreme precision
Jan 18, 2013
ionut commented on CrashingDutchman's blog post Autonomous fixed-wing drone threads the needle in a parking garage
"Chris do you think is that bad to repost something so many times?
You know , not everyone reads the blog hourly and we sometimes may skip some blog posts."
Aug 18, 2012
ionut commented on mquintilian's blog post Lesson learned: Always remove the propellers when testing!
"Maybe the guys who make the propellers for quads also should provide a motor guard for each propeller made of plastic(3 crosses from motor mount).Or the propeller should have a continous band around it."
Apr 28, 2012
ionut commented on Melih Karakelle's blog post Smallest Quadrocopter with GoPro
"Very nice.This is rather a GoPro with propellers"
Mar 22, 2012
ionut commented on Krzysztof Bosak's blog post Predator Drone Court-Martialed For Afghani Civilian Deaths
"Who cares?As long as you have the biggest weapons.This was a joke, of course.The real thing is much better directed."
Feb 19, 2012