3689392131?profile=original[Moderator's note: this product has been discontinued and I think the company that made it went bust, so buyer beware--this is an overstock item and may not be supported]

-World’s first programmable intelligent gaming robot
-Roboni-i will grow dynamically with its owner and learn more advanced actions and movements the more it is played with
-Nimble 360° movement provides the Roboni-i with incredible agility
-Control the Roboni-i with the included wireless handheld controller to perform stunts and loops
-Uses 16 sensors and 4 processors to sense the surrounding environment
-Roboni-i can navigate on its own, avoid obstacles, play games, do tricks and interact with its environment
-Easy to customize and load with games – play on your own or against friends with similar robots (requires some degree of computer competence that younger children may not possess)
-PC-based Command Center application is user-friendly and allows you to configure every facet of your robot including reflexes and behaviors
-Roboni-i comes loaded with electronic gaming accessories, offering games of infinite variety and chance
-Create your own games or download games that others have created
-Shoot, scoop, capture and maneuver through single and multiplayer games
-Use the same remote controller offline and online
-Plug Roboni-i into your PC to join a vibrant online community – use the controller to guide your customized avatar through the virtual lunar world, play online games and run missions
-Infrared sensors to detect obstacles and interact with other robots
-ZigBee (RF) technology allows different robots to participate in team games
-Download new games and updates to your robot through USB
-For best results use the Roboni-i on a hard, flat surface
-Requires 12 AA batteries (not included)

You can buy it from buy.com for $60

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