I have been working on this model for almost two months. The idea was to create a mid/heavy-lift 3D printed folding/detachable quadcopter. this is the first prototype that I have printed out.

Hope you guys helps me to improve the design. There is a lot of things to do before it's done. For example battery holder, in different alternative positions, under, top, sides, it depends on what kind of load do you have: fixed camera, sensors, stab gimbal etc.

In order to provide a good system to wrap load/battery modules I'm testing Rotite joints. I know it's has Intellectual Property restrictions... but is such a nice way to keep thing fixed when you have a 3D printer.http://www.rotite.com/ 
Even it could be a good system for detachable arms, like this one which is no-plane.

- 3536-11 motors from RCTimer: 102gr
- 30A ESCs simonK
- APM2.5
- 3DR radio 433Mhz
- Turnigy 9x Radio
- poor man but very effective FC vibration isolated system
- GPS CRIUS board V2.0 with u-blox CN06

- Full quad without battery: 1.3 Kg.
- Weight single arm, with cables but without motor: 95 gr
- Weight single arm, fully assembled: 197 gr.
- Main body box without electronics: 173gr
- Dampening plate: 53gr

Dampening system is quite simple, but I didn't toke pictures, I will upload a Solidworks render soon.

Assembling: I toke the easy way, I use a home made ABS solution in acetone 100% pure. This solution is pretty hard and I got a solid union. 3D Printer use thermal plastic fusion between layers, so this is a chemical union, even harder. I'm still waiting for brass fastener and screw M3 to improve this assembly. 

For more info here is the FB page https://www.facebook.com/Argfly
Please I would like to hear critics, helps me a lot.


ESC are in the basement, on top the FC dampening plate suspended with 10 mm padding on the 3-axis by elastic bands.



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  • Congrats for this good work Alejandro ! It looks like the chinese  3dprinter is working well, isnt it ?

    It got an easy question for you : i saw on your picture that you have made an antenna extension to you telemetry card; Did you solder it on the midlle pin or on the left pin of your telemetry card ?

    I got an RC timer telemetry kit, but it is not working with the antenna they included and need to solder a new antenna (with a wire).

  • nice good work! I still like it anyway :D

  • I did tested in fly this morning. Bad news is that vibration isolation plate actually absorb high freq vibration but amplify low freq oscillations, making the model jump randomly. The good news was that two peaces of foam gives the right strength to not amplify low freq oscillations. Now it fly pretty stable.
    I will upload the video may 1st.

  • Thanks Joe. Carbon fiber props 13x6.5 from Rctimer. I will keep you updated.
    LTMNO I will share it soon. The main idea is to release it under Open Hardware license. 
    Charles absolutely true. The correct way is that power source has (contact protected) female connectors. Something to improve in the next version.

  • Its very good indeed

    The one thing I would have done differently is made the esc lead pins so the energized connections are female and the male ones placed on the arms, where no power is supplied when detached

  • Awesome work! It what I would do if I had a 3d Printer!  I would be interested in knowing what you think you would either share the design for or cost of purchasing one.  

    Great work!

  • Alejandro,
    I really like the design, especially the arms, which would tend to not restrict lifting thrust as much as wider arms, like so many of the designs out there. When you get the honeycomb, lighter version, please post again, so we can order it. Which carbon fiber props are those?
  • Gracias Sebastian! Que envidia Bariloche, yo naci y creci en Gral. Roca RN.
    Thank you Sebastian! What an envy Bariloche, I was born and raised in Gral Roca RN.

  • Excelente trabajo Alejandro, te felicito por tu iniciativa, realmente innovadora y sin lugar a dudas con mucho potencial a futuro, prueba y error hasta lograr la perfeccion. Saludos desde Bariloche! Seba

  • Thanks Gary! I didn't saw your comment. Yeah total weight is too much. Main body has 4mm walls that can be done more thin. A new plugin system using a conical rotite joint can explode 3D printers capabilities for print honeycomb shaped solid bodies. 
    The problem here is the way that arm holder glues to the body, plain, so I need big solid walls. But if I use conical rotite like joints, the arm holder contact surface goes trough the whole main body wall. So the main body instead of being 4mm solid plastic it can be filled with a honeycomb pattern like. 

    Sam, I'm using a Makerbot Replicator Chinese clone from Flashforge http://www.ff3dp.com/

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