Stupidly I left the props on while preparing a demo of one of my kk quads. The board malfunctioned while disarmed, props shattered and sliced most of the pad of my pinky finger right off. It took a trip to the hospital and 13 stitches to get it back on.  

Finger 4 stitches in (Not for the faint of heart)


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  • looks like a very good plan :) protective gloves :)

  • Been there, done that, got the scars.  I can still remember the throbbing pain.

    Maybe 3DR should start selling these:


    My opinion, every quad should have a separate motor power and APM power batteries.

    Yes, gas engines were safer, because they couldn't start unless you started them.  Typically injuries only happened while starting them.  That's when I did both of mine.

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    Jack has it right, just like the real thing always treat a prop as live. Lots of standard RC knowledge has never been learnt in this community.

    I am a fine one to talk though I have plenty of scars!

  • Or at least treat any motor propeller as if it could spin up at any moment, when the battery is connected.  People aren't going to remove their propellers for every software change.  In the electric age, there are an awful lot of hand injuries from propellers.  I don't think the gas age had many injuries, since gas was finicky to start.

  • Maybe the guys who make the propellers for quads also should provide a motor guard for each propeller made of plastic(3 crosses from motor mount).Or the propeller should have a continous band around it.

  • that sucks but maybe you showing that will make someone stop take the time to take them off, on the bright side  your thumbs are ok ; )

  • Two 1.5 inch scar on the right arm for me followed by 3h waiting at the hospital (+1:30 road), hopefully I was at 6 feet away and the motor become disconnected after it flown (it was badly fixed). It could have been worst.

  • Yikes! That looks painful!
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    YIKES!!! I'm glad you warned me about that picture; I only wish I had taken the warning. That's horrifying. Thank god it was just your pinkie--that could have been so much worse if it had hit your eye.

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