I have been working on this model for almost two months. The idea was to create a mid/heavy-lift 3D printed folding/detachable quadcopter. this is the first prototype that I have printed out.

Hope you guys helps me to improve the design. There is a lot of things to do before it's done. For example battery holder, in different alternative positions, under, top, sides, it depends on what kind of load do you have: fixed camera, sensors, stab gimbal etc.

In order to provide a good system to wrap load/battery modules I'm testing Rotite joints. I know it's has Intellectual Property restrictions... but is such a nice way to keep thing fixed when you have a 3D printer.http://www.rotite.com/ 
Even it could be a good system for detachable arms, like this one which is no-plane.

- 3536-11 motors from RCTimer: 102gr
- 30A ESCs simonK
- APM2.5
- 3DR radio 433Mhz
- Turnigy 9x Radio
- poor man but very effective FC vibration isolated system
- GPS CRIUS board V2.0 with u-blox CN06

- Full quad without battery: 1.3 Kg.
- Weight single arm, with cables but without motor: 95 gr
- Weight single arm, fully assembled: 197 gr.
- Main body box without electronics: 173gr
- Dampening plate: 53gr

Dampening system is quite simple, but I didn't toke pictures, I will upload a Solidworks render soon.

Assembling: I toke the easy way, I use a home made ABS solution in acetone 100% pure. This solution is pretty hard and I got a solid union. 3D Printer use thermal plastic fusion between layers, so this is a chemical union, even harder. I'm still waiting for brass fastener and screw M3 to improve this assembly. 

For more info here is the FB page https://www.facebook.com/Argfly
Please I would like to hear critics, helps me a lot.


ESC are in the basement, on top the FC dampening plate suspended with 10 mm padding on the 3-axis by elastic bands.



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  • Thanks for the fast reply!

    What 3D printer do you use?

    And once again nice work! Its looks futuristic!

  • Thanks Tero, yeah legs works great  over the desktop but are too thin for off-road. But with only 1.5mm thin each one supports easy 1kg. The problem is hard landing.
    Props are Carbon Fiber 13x 6.5

    Thanks Hugues no yet, but there something that let me sleep calm, when I cracked one metal contact for accident (main body without arms felt to the floor) It seems to work fine, but it was loose, so I toke my reworker station's heater gun and heated up to almost 240C and melted the ABS plastic glue around it, when cool it was solid again.

    The first arm was too thin and it broke easy but the nice thing was that in 1 hour using ABS glue with acetone I fixed it. It's no so easy to repair such as foamy or EDF planes but lot easier than carbon fiber or fiber glass.

  • Which Props you are using? 

  • MR60
    Impressive work !
    Did you test repeated arms assembly/disassembly to check that the electrical contacts remain solid ?
  • Very impressive, nice arms, and also foldable, good.

    If you want some critisism ;-) legs look little bit too thin, ABS plastic don't like bending, it cracks upon time.

    Of Course you can always print new ones. Nylon (Taulman) would be ok in legs. 

  • Sam, I don't know, I think that will be nice release it under an Open Hardware License and let the 3D Printer Hobbyists enjoy it and improve it. Of course if you don't have access to an affordable 3D printer service there will be some one who can sale you the parts or a RTF kit.

    Yusuf yes DJI S800 arm are great. But move the ESC over the arm needs 4 wires and is a bit more complex. I'm working on a no-planerotite like arm connection. I think it will be more solid and stable.

    ionut I'm using a Makerbot Replicator Chinese clone from Flashforge http://www.ff3dp.com/

    Thanks Adam, I will upload some videos soon.


  • Really, Really fantastic, incredible accomplishment, embodies many really excellent design concepts.

    I really like the aerodynamically designed and easily removable support arms: Minimal interference, turbulence and flat plate area.

    It seems like weight and lack of arm stiffness might be a difficulty, but both of those could be overcome.

  • Excellent 3D renderings and 3D printed mock-up.  Looking forward to first flight and further informaiton.

  • what printer are you using?

  • Fantastic, i had the idea to copy the DJI arm too, but did not have the 3D printer to try it out, so congratulations. It is so neat and simple, all you need to do now is put the ESC under to motor too, and it would be complete. let me know when you start to sell them i too would be intrested..

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