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  • Check out , they have a range of brushless gimbals!

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  • Hi. 

    My system uses a NIKON D3100 for imagery. I was looking for a gimbal for the same.

    Any suggestions? Also which one of SERVO / BRUSHLESS drives will be preferred for steady pictures, not videos.

  • 1,3kg camera IS possible

    LUX AETHERNA - page 2 - FPV i AP - FlyFreak
  • and here too,gimbal as well

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  • also you will need to hack this chinese(german) one in order to be able to use newest(best)1.3 firmweare,something with bootloader protection,its possible but u have to know how,i dont..i would use original AlexMos board as respect to the guy Alexander Moskalienko ( )who invented all this..original you can buy at flyduino, and csg shop

  • thats again copy of a german copy of original AlexMos board,few posts above there is video with comparation of this two....

  • Goodluckbuy already has the electronics available here for $44.19 !

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    Late to the party, but I just caught the video Max posted on P.1 . Wow, that looked good.

  • here is mine,but it is for biger camera not go pro....still testing,results sooon..3692668293?profile=original

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    My gimbal in near-final config. Hand-rewound RCTimer 5010s with BruGi open-source controller. Fits NEX-5, EOS-M and Handycam-sized payloads. 14mm carbon tubes from broken hexacopter arms. G10 for the beta unit, will commit to carbon once I'm satisfied with testing.

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