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    Better than a joke, it is somewhere along the spectrum of satire and parody. It is the Onion

  • Who cares?As long as you have the biggest weapons.This was a joke, of course.The real thing is much better directed.

  • @robert have to admit of all the r/c forums, this is the most erudite one. Btw I have been classified an "addict" by William Premerlani
  • @Anish:  My wife things "Addicted" is more accurate. ;)

    And it's true.  But, I'm having a lot more fun hanging around here than off-road truck bulletin boards, something else I'm into, but tends to be full of ignorant trolls.

  • "Is it true you don't sleep?", "Are you a Christian?" 


    Here's the trailer for Remote Control War:

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    Or possibly They are very similar, and it is hard to tell, since we cannot rely on scale. I think I favor the Eitan, but I'm no expert.

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    @Mark Colwell -

  • I like comical parody as synthetic it is :-)

  • @robert better phrase would be "before I got hooked" ;)
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    Looks like TR-425 morphed into new shape for last clip? Artist drawing shows a RQ-1, What is the Drone at the end of clip it has two tail booms?

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