Stupidly I left the props on while preparing a demo of one of my kk quads. The board malfunctioned while disarmed, props shattered and sliced most of the pad of my pinky finger right off. It took a trip to the hospital and 13 stitches to get it back on.  

Finger 4 stitches in (Not for the faint of heart)


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  • I 5 years ago, I almost lost a thumb on his right hand. Because my friend has touched the radio while I clutching the spinner prop...if it was a pinkie would be jumps away..and I make the dentist, would cost me the career for this..

  • Oh and needless to say Remote always grounded prior to approaching a live crafted - but never turn the remote off Children, unless you want your remote controlling neighbour to throw some errant signals your way and chop your fingers off for you!

    And well said Marcelo.

  • I just love the Tags you put "PSA, blood, cut, prop, quadcopter"  - but perhaps it should have been the other way round "PSA, Quadcopter, Prop, Cut, Blood"

    I recall early on I used to walk up to a model, and before bending down to pick it up I would clutch the Remote into my chest if I needed two hands.  Remotes are all 2.4Ghz little high wavelength antennae now, but I am convinced the old 36Mhz FM telescopic I had when I did this one day when going to detach the power from my Twister 3D quite simply saved my eye-site at the least.

    I leaned in and the thrust went to Full.  The antenna was in front of my face and the blades got tangled in it as it all turned into a chopped up mess of telescopic spaghetti!  Still here and till able to learn from many other mistakes...weeks after that Lipo shorting here I come!

  • what about strapping the prop to frame with velcro band while testing?

    easier than taking it off each time...

  • Melih Karakelle, can you give me a link where I can buy the Kevlar gloves that you have? are good?

    I think to use them as a precaution during the launch of wing X8 FPV...

  • I had a near accident on the weekend.

    Had done an auto land on my quad and after it landed I thought I switched it back to stabilize.

    Forgot to disarm the motors however.

    I went over and picked it up and turned it on it's side.

    The props started to spin up to stabilize it I presume, luckily no injuries.

  • Gas engines are not safe.  I started my OS .91 and he actually spun backwards for just a split second and loosened the prop.  Then it flew off when it started and hit me in the face.  Now I always turn my head.  Sorry to hear about your pinky.  That looks horrifying. 

  • @Alan, 20 years later, my fingers still don't have all the feeling back.  It's my right index finger, and it's taken 3 bad injuries.  Maybe it's too much.  The other fingers I've done seem OK.

    @Melih, interesting gloves.  I'd be curious to test them to see if they really work.  Take a chopstick and jam it in a hotdog, then stick that in the glove as a test finger.

  • OK... I think I will tie the sucker down and use the 3DR telemetry kit... If it is to go insane, it will not end up under my roof, in my fingers, or any other places I do not want it to be :)

    I actually think I have a pair of steel butchers gloves (Those steel ones on page 1) back home someplace. But try to use those with a monkey wrench or smaller tools... ;-)

  • Something will likely burn up as it will not likely be a simple fix like shutting down the throttle.  Still, better than having your fingers looking like the tomato in a ginsu knife ad.... 

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