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Tom Judkowiak replied to Dean Wynton's discussion Tuning ACRO Mode?
"I have same problem, except it's the opposite - it's too jerky in acro mode - some hints anyone?"
Feb 22, 2013
Tom Judkowiak posted a discussion
Hi,I've recently put together a quad with DJI FlameWheel 440 frame, ESCs and motors and APM 2.0I have few problems:1. in Stabilize mode it's extremely difficult to hold altitude: when I slightly increase the throttle to avoid crashing the copter…
Jun 1, 2012
Tom Judkowiak commented on mquintilian's blog post Lesson learned: Always remove the propellers when testing!
"what about strapping the prop to frame with velcro band while testing?
easier than taking it off each time..."
May 1, 2012
Tom Judkowiak posted a discussion
Hello everyone,not sure if this is right place to axe this sort of question so please don't bash me if it's not!Is it possible to get DJI ESCs (30A OPTO) to work with APM 2.0? My first impression is that they are not compatible. I measured the…
May 1, 2012
Tom Judkowiak commented on Sylvain's photo
"That's interesting design - do you know the name of it?"
Feb 16, 2012
Tom Judkowiak posted a discussion
Hi everyone,I'm completely new to this forum and project, but I'm very excited as this is exactly what I've been searching for for years! So big thanks to those who took the effort to bring it to current shape - great job guys!Anyway, I'd like to…
Feb 14, 2012
Tom Judkowiak replied to Ravi Gaddipati's discussion helicopter IMU
"Have you seen this: http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/1253
It's quite expensive, but it has everything you need (well, except GPS) with Kalman built in, so all you have to do is to connect it to your microcontoller.
I'm stirting similar project…"
Apr 23, 2010