making another HeX

Couple of weeks ago, we decided to build another HeX but this time it's going to be in white.
This was how we cut it 


And this is how we assemble it



Then tah dah


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  • Hi again George,

    So I've been scouring the net for a desktop cutter. Have yet to decide. Could you please ask your engineering guys the make and model of your cutter. Much appreciated. Thanks.

  • @MV Reddy

    Thanks, I hope I could answer your question. But I really don't know the exact name or type of the equipment that our engineer guys are using. Sorry. 

  • Nice one, George. What bench/desktop laser router is that?

  • @Noth666

    we didn't weigh it before we put all the electronics on. but with everything on except the battery, it weighs 1.5 kilograms

    @ Epsilon

    I think the files might be uploaded online as soon as we finish the design. Now there are still something we're improving in those files. When we open the designs, we'll let u guys know here.

    @ionut @ Peter Meister

    Thanks you guys for the encouragement. 

    @ Rigel

    Here are some pictures of our equipment




  • Hi George,  I'm just curious about your cutting equipment.  Would you care to elaborate a bit on the equipment you use?  Thanks

  • Very nice frame.....well done on this new white version...

  • Smoking kills!

  • Wow, great design ! Are the CAD files available yet for the community !?

  • Nice work as always, by the looks of it this will be a very light frame, whats the empty wight on it without any electronics?
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