Good quality low light camera, night FPV ?



Canon just annonced a new high sensivity camera with low noise. A new age for FPV night age is coming ?

Unfortunately I'm unable to embed video, so you have to click on the image to go to the Canon website.


The newly developed CMOS sensor features pixels measuring 19 microns square in size, which is more than 7.5-times the surface area of the pixels on the CMOS sensor incorporated in Canon's top-of-the-line EOS-1D X and other digital SLR cameras. In addition, the sensor's pixels and readout circuitry employ new technologies that reduce noise, which tends to increase as pixel size increases. Thanks to these technologies, the sensor facilitates the shooting of clearly visible video images even in dimly lit environments with as little as 0.03 lux of illumination, or approximately the brightness of a crescent moon—a level of brightness in which it is difficult for the naked eye to perceive objects. When recording video of astral bodies, while an electron-multiplying CCD,*2 which realizes approximately the same level of perception as the naked eye, can capture magnitude-6 stars, Canon's newly developed CMOS sensor is capable of recording faint stars with a magnitude of 8.5 and above.*3


You can watch video demonstration and more detail on Canon Website

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  • Actually with that solid a picture of the general star field this sensor is going to make a dynamite uncooled astronomical camera, looking forward to it.

  • Been through a lot of Canon printers too.

    But Our little Canon Elph Cameras have put up with far more than you would expect and our Canon DSLR Rebel is a truly excellent Camera.

    We have actually worn out a couple Elphs, but it is my wife's go to camera for her on line jewelry business and they have all taken many tens of thousands of pictures of high quality as well as general pocket use before retiring.

    We have a Nikon P7000 too, also a very nice camera, but Canon can make cameras.

  • I repeat again, we were kidding ...
  • Heck Nikon has been using Sony CMOS sensors.. their new D800 has a Sony sensor not a Nikon built one... if someone is anti-Sony does that mean they are now anti-Nikon due to the use of components from Sony?  Sony uses Sharp's LCD panels in their LCD TVs.. if you are anti-Sharp does that mean you are now anti-Sony?   Apple uses Samsung components.. if you are anti-Samsung does that mean you are anti-Apple?

    Okay I digress..  but this is the sort of thinking that keeps brands from fixing themselves... just because of a lack luster old product from years ago.  Heck people don't try Ford because of owning one many years ago and not liking it... is that representative of the brand today?  probably not... if it was they just wouldn't be in business.

    Companies try things, fail and fix and fail and fix... that's just the nature of the beast... so just because you experienced one of the failings doesn't mean the entire company is one.

  • I do not even see that as a real product.. the only references I can find to J110 is a HP printer not some random Canon Calculator.. can you post a link to a image of this calculator?

    Regardless, I can't believe you are serious about thinking of the ENTIRE BRAND as being crappy due to one crappy low end product that might carry the logo...  I hope you never buy Honda products since they do a heck of a lot more then make cars/trucks.. or Microsoft, or Google or Apple or any other major manufacture that has premium products but also everything in between.  Just because you had a bad experience with a completely different line of products doesn't mean that all products with the logo are the same.

    Wow, I seriously can't believe people.. just because you had a bad experience with some random product doesn't mean all products are of the same quality.. also products from many years ago is not a indicator of the company in question TODAY.

    Is that how you see a company?  One bad product means the entire company is bad?  Or are you just in favor of a different brand and thus any competitor is crap in order to booster your own purchases and feel good about what you spent money on?

  • I also owned an Canon Calculator J110 and was a total joke.The battery couldn't hold for even one day.I ended throwing it in the bin.Stay away of Canon products.Bogus quality.

  • @Mark Lanning

    I know I created the post :P We were just kidding, of course we don't associate Canon printer with Canon optic.

  • that is sweet!! wonder how long it will take to make it into an fpv cam...
  • Carl and Maxime.. this article is about CMOS sensors not printers.  When someone says 'printer' I don't even categorize 'Canon' in with that listing... sure they make printers but so do other companies... just because you had a bad experience with a crappy all-in-one printer doesn't at all translate to the same experience with a completely different branch of a huge company... such as their CMOS sensors.

  • That full-moon footage was interesting. 

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