Robot cars invade California, on orders from Google

CNet article:

Google has been testing self-driving cars on roads in California, according to a report, and so far they've avoided everything but a minor fender bender--caused by a human-driven car.

The New York Times reports that seven test cars have traveled 1,000 miles without need for human intervention (a driver has been stationed behind the wheel just in case, accompanied by a technician to monitor the navigation system), and that they've covered more than 140,000 miles with the human chaperone stepping in only occasionally. One of the cars was even able to safely make its way down Lombard Street in San Francisco, the fabled "crookedest street in the world," the Times says.

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  • Hmm wide spread use would also prevent traffic. On the other hand there is nothing like sitting behind the wheel of a Camaro going 110 down the highway with the windows down.

    They are going to have to step the game up to get me to buy in. Where is my robo butler equiped with a crushed ice machine?
  • According to the engineers at Google this automatic guidance system will also allow - when adopted by all the cars - to maintain a constant distance between the cars, so we will reduce consumption and pollution.

    Also talks about this subject
  • I wonder what Google's master plan really is... Hmm...

    And I thought they were just an internet search engine. I told a relative recenlty that some day, Google is going to send a bill to the world.
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