Lockheed's Thrust based UAV

I didn't want to hijack the main page with a UAV that none of us would be building soon, but I did want it to be seen... this in an amazing demo of "Lockheed's Multiple Kill Vehicle System". Its a thruster based UAV and this was a test performed last week. I have no idea what its target applicaton is, but it hovers and look rock steady ...Paulhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1HCFM9yoKo

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  • This is really cool. It's kind of getting close to that hovering ball thing they used for light saber training in the first star wars.

    If you could accurately squirt some starting fluid/ether into a thruster and spark it electronically, I wonder if you could build your own. Works well for shooting potatoes.
  • It seems intended for close quarters urban combat & not the advertised purpose on Google. A missile payload can't change its trajectory with divert thrusters & doesn't need enough power to hover. Maybe another corporation can provide better search results.
  • 100KM
    here is the old video

    nothing new
  • 100KM
    I saw a video exactly like this years ago.they said it was part of the remnants of the "star wars" program if i recall . it was made to fly a satellite the "vehicles" where supposed to be other satellites
  • Time to hang up my transmitter & stick to Java standards outsourcing.
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