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MattTay commented on Michal B's blog post ArduPilot + Smartphone autopilot design
"I live in a valley and there are mountains they go 45 degrees up the horizon on one side. So I thought they'd be useless. And really, the IR is a crutch for everyone until they can get gyros working. But, after seeing some data Dean posted in the…"
Mar 10, 2009
MattTay commented on Michal B's blog post ArduPilot + Smartphone autopilot design
"Take a look at these pieces for study as it's similar: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=843174

I'm still working on it, but currently I ended last summer thwarted by two things. The first was gyro drift. Inside the cockpit of my…"
Mar 9, 2009
MattTay replied to paul hubner's discussion Lockheed's Thrust based UAV
"This is really cool. It's kind of getting close to that hovering ball thing they used for light saber training in the first star wars.

If you could accurately squirt some starting fluid/ether into a thruster and spark it electronically, I wonder if…"
Dec 10, 2008
MattTay commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Poll: how important is a 5HZ GPS to you?
">>on some RC-forum i seen info, that 5HZ modules using real 1 Hz and extrapolation<<

All GPS tracks a ~10MHz chip stream to determine the relative timing of satellites. At any time, the hardware can tell you within a fraction of the chip time (~100…"
Oct 4, 2008
MattTay commented on Chris Anderson's blog post LED WTF?
"There's no standard for part marking. You will only get a pin 1 designator. From there, you have to refer to the spec sheet. Your LED did have a pin 1 designator. You just don't know if pin is is anode or cathode :)

If you use a sot23 LED, you'll…"
Sep 16, 2008
MattTay replied to Chris Anderson's discussion Anybody get the Sparkfun SCP1000 pressure sensor to work?
"It'd be great if you guys could publish the noise characteristics of your SCP1000. Just measure 20 samples in a room with still air, then put them in excel and run the =stdev(A1:A20) function and report that.

I'm measuring a std dev of 7.12 counts,…"
Aug 14, 2008
MattTay commented on Jacob Dickinson's blog post EasyStar Project
"Jacob, i've not just had visions, I've seen it actually happen :)

I've used an altitimeter with a 200 mS sample rate (5X faster than GPS) and a standard deviation of 1.2 meters on each reading (probably 5X better than GPS) and an autopilot could…"
Aug 12, 2008
MattTay replied to Javier Díez de la Cuesta's discussion Wind Speed measurement for auto-landing
"If you hold a constant pitch and a constant RPM, aren't you assured that your airplane will always settle into a constant airspeed and sink rate, regardless of wind?"
Aug 9, 2008
MattTay commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Cool AttoPilot feature: relative waypoints
"For something to be patented, on criterion is that it needs to be non-obvious to someone "skilled in the art". I'm not sure moving from absolute to relative markers is non-obvious."
Aug 2, 2008
MattTay replied to bGatti's discussion UAV swarm, anticollision - faa - detect-and-avoid
"If you are 10,000 feet away from me and you send a blip at GPS t=0, then it takes about 10,000 nS, or 10 uS to arrive at my location. Seems like there would be several solutions to your equation above and it'd be impossible to disambiguate."
Jun 26, 2008
MattTay commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Microsoft Virtual Earth now accepting DIY aerial imagery
"Terraserver is pretty good, and doesn't have the heavy-handed terms of service that google and microsoft have. It also supports several web service interfaces and has always been very fast for me when using the webapp interfaces."
Jun 26, 2008