So what does it do!?

I've gotten the impression that this radio is nearly an all around better choice than an Xbee for telemetry, but as I have never actually worked with either, I can't say for myself. My only remaining question between this and an xbee is which can monitor more aspects of a flight. I've seen the documentation and instructions for the 3dr radio on the wiki and it seem like something I should be able to handle given the clarity of directions there (to give you a sense of my ability with these things, I am fully able to handle and comprehend 90% of the wikis, instructions, blogs and whatnot, but don't know how much I can do without it's guidance).Anyways....back to the Xbee vs 3dr...the cost of 3dr really appeals to me, but I really don't know what exactly I'll be able to keep tabs on (ex. Airspeed, altitude, battery voltage, etc..), how exactly the 3dr does it (do the respective sensors for the previously mentioned data speak to the 3dr or the APM 2?), and will it give me, for example on-screen functionality with an FPV setup?I feel like all the sensors talk to APM and the 3DR just sends all of that information to my ground station

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  • Can someone show me how to wire this to a APM1 board/oilpan? The directions show only the APM2 board. This is possible, isn't it?

  • Is there a summary of what telemetry is available, or can someone provide a list?  How is the data displayed, i.e. what software is needed?  Any screen shots available?  If I missed any of this in the documentation, I apologize.

    Also, if you are using an OSD system, is the radio telemetry system redundant?


  • Thanks for the info. Just to be clear...would this allow me to send commands to the autopilot (APM) or is that through something else
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    Hi Frankie,

    They both will give you the same logging ability. The only exception is that the 3DR radio can log your radio signal strength and radio noise levels. We can't get that information from an Xbee.

    Cheers, Tridge

  • basically the APM sends all it's data from sensors to the ground station so you can see what's going on. also  experimentally you can control the UAV with the ground station and set mission planner locations.

    as for what's best it depends on your country as the 3DR radio isn't certified and if you don't know what your legal limits are and how to set them you may get in trouble with anyone from your civilian regulator to the deference department.

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