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Student final year B. Engineering (Computer) \ B. Mathematics University of Newcastle Australia

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ducted fan and quad-copter

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Gabriel posted a discussion
Can someone tell me what regulators we have on the APM1 and how good they should be ?looking at the 5V rail either off the telemetry port or the SPI port i have a variance of -+ 50mV so it varies between 4.61 to 4.69 VoltsTesting with a Agilent…
Jun 16, 2012
Gabriel replied to Darren Stan Oakley's discussion New to ardumega what code to learn
"start here http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/HomePage

you don't need to know how to code to use a APM2 through just if you want to make the code better."
May 9, 2012
Gabriel replied to Farmer John's discussion Farmer looking for advice.
"what sort of distances are we talking ?"
May 3, 2012
Gabriel replied to Wesley Chuen's discussion Is the Relaxed Patch for Arduino needed?
"they may of added the patch to newer versions can't see anything in the change log through."
May 3, 2012
Gabriel replied to Dom's discussion Website chat visibility thoughts
" where has the website chat gone ? how am I meant to procrastinate now have to go back to facebook..."
Apr 30, 2012
Gabriel replied to Andrew Tridgell's discussion Welcome to the 3DR Radio forum!
"I got around to setting mine up today (900mhz pair on a APM1) Soldered on some gold plated right angle headers because i had them instead. The wife's hair dryer doesn't seem to be good enough to the the heat shrink but it got there. plugged it in…"
Apr 24, 2012
Gabriel replied to Sergio Luis de Almeida's discussion 3DR Radio Maiden - Range Test
"there is a new firmware already ... dam I forgot to buy a FTDI cable :("
Apr 23, 2012
Gabriel replied to Joshi Dharmesh's discussion Why are the kits mostly out of stock?
"try jdrones ( http://store.jdrones.com/ )  and udrones ( http://www.udrones.com/ ) both DIY drones resellers

I brought a kit from Jdrones in January."
Apr 19, 2012
Gabriel replied to Frankie Davis's discussion So what does it do!?
"basically the APM sends all it's data from sensors to the ground station so you can see what's going on. also  experimentally you can control the UAV with the ground station and set mission planner locations.

as for what's best it depends on your…"
Apr 18, 2012
Gabriel replied to Shaun Stanton's discussion Are there autopilots that do any reversion mode switching in flight
"Interesting idea, I guess my first question is how would you know a motor has failed ? except maybe a visual inspection by the pilot"
Apr 11, 2012
Gabriel replied to Peleus's discussion ESC Calibration not 'saving'
"seem to have run out of replies ??
do you have access to a CRO oscilloscope ?"
Apr 11, 2012
Gabriel replied to Jérôme Niklès's discussion "motors" command does not work properly ?
"the documentation is old moving the stick on the RC transmitter now does nothing.

re read http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/wiki/AC2_Props_2
there is a video there as well"
Apr 10, 2012
Gabriel replied to Andrew Tridgell's discussion delay in shipping 433MHz radios due to USB interference problem
"sounds like you'll have to redo the pcb design completely. not pretty :("
Apr 10, 2012
Gabriel replied to c b's discussion iphone/smart phone app to control drone
"ok so the problem here is method of communicating.
bluetooth doesn't have the distance 802.11a/b/g/n is too much code to implement on the APM.
no phone i know has xbee/zigbee/hoperf built in.

So if i was my approach would be to get a  Usbdriod [1]…"
Apr 9, 2012
Gabriel commented on Jani Hirvinen's blog post jDrones News: Updates on original ArduCopter motors
"ok first question is if I burn out one (which I have) can I replace it with the new model or do I have to replace all 4 to make it even ?"
Apr 9, 2012
Gabriel commented on Sam Kelly's blog post New product! The 3DR Radio Telemetry System
"can't order because of "Our apologies, but although this product is listed as in stock, there is actually one component (6 Pin Right Angle Male Header)" :-( I have a pile of these on my desk can't work out how to order it without the part.  any…"
Apr 9, 2012