Has anybody used a solo link in a custom drone yet? I notice you can buy the cards for about $50 each. Then add a long range wifi card and you're in business.
3DR has released the firmware and code for it I think?
Rolling a HD VTx, Radio Control, and telemetry all into a single unit is a good idea. The only other thing on the market I can see that will do that is the CUAV hack link. It looks like a capable unit, but i can't find much feedback on it yet. I think the reason for the slow uptake rate is the cost.

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Yep I'm interested also. But I think it utilizes the solo onboard Linux computer?? So no it's not an simple integration. But you could buy a solo and change everything else.

Its actually being done by a number of different people. Check out the "3DR Solo Brain Transplants" facebook page.

Somebody has created a PCB to attach the solo link to, which you then plug either a Pixhawk or Pixhawk 2.1 directly.

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