Hi. My name is LEE.

I have solo and flir vue pro with tarot gimbal but I can't connect tarot gimbal wire to solo.

Someone say it is necessary breakout board I think too.

But, can anyone say how to connect directly gimbal wire to solo main board?

I can connect gimbal power to solo(main power wire) but others such as pwm1, 2 wire and video wire.

How connect these wire to solo?


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Did you ever solve this?

I'm trying to connect the PWM1(SBUS) to AUX1 but don't seem to be able to get any reponse from the gimbal

I tried this too. As per some info from here:


I hooked up tilt on the Tarot to pin 14 (PWM 6) and set the correct parameters in Mission Planner but never had any joy with the tilt working from the Solo controller. I ended up toasting the Tarot control unit by putting 5v into the 5v out wire. Don't do that, a replacement is expensive (c; Research shows you can hook up a servo directly to pin 14 with power and ground and it works (without the expansion board).

Has anyone managed to make this work?

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