• My files keep coming up dated December 1969 !!!!!! I don't think these things were around back then. But then again, I still believe all this tech came from Roswell. There must be a way to set the time. I've had GPS lock, and it still records files under Dec 1969

    • Hi Steve, did you manage to resolve this issue? I have the same problem and am struggling to geo-reference my images because of it.

      I have a few platforms running Pixhawk/APM with the ublox GPS module and they all have the same problem.

      • Ian, I don't know, as I have not downloaded any files lately. Been busy building little mini quads, and a mini hex. My poor Iris+ has been gathering dust. I'll take her out in a day or two, and see what files it comes up with.

        • Thanks Steve,

          I've checked my logs from three different platforms that go back more than a year. All have the same issue!

          I'm wondering if it's a setup issue on the 3DR u-blox modules? Could be location based.

  • No GPS fix


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