We are a bunch of college students  in our pre-final year from India trying to build a Quad from cheap parts with the following 
Motor:: 1050kv, 22 turn, 19A,
ESC::Turnigy 25 A, turnigy sentry
battery - 5000mah, turnigy, 25C
Sensors: hacked from Wii Motion+. A 20$ gyro board with an IDG-600 and a ISZ-650
These are some videos of rope testing with only Kp values. It flipped a couple of times before this due to 
untuned PID. These are our first successful tests.
its still tied down, but planning to leave it free on my next testing.....
Any comments and help with regard to our PID values is welcome

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What is the format of your videos. I was trying to download them and run them to see the results; but I cant not seem to run it. But can you please tell me the format of the videos you developed.

Thank you :)

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