Sonar not appearing in flight data

I put a sonar sensor (MB1230 XL-MaxSonar®-EZ3) on my DIY Drones hexa-copter. I went to the CLI and ran a test on the sonar and it performed perfectly. I then went to the flight data tab and then pulled up the SonarRange value which read 0. I then looked at SonarVoltage and this also read 0. I have tried just about everything and I am not sure what the problem is. The pin and sensor are working perfectly, but it is not being picked up by the flight data. if anyone has had a similar problem, any insight would be MUCH appreciated  Thank you.

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  • Apparently, a friend has told me, there is no MAVLINK message for sonar, which is why it only shows in the CLI in test mode and not on the HUD? Is this true?

  • Something is wonky with the 3.01 and Sonar.  I installed a 1240 which read nicely in the CLI tests but if enabled over grass it was nuts.   Fine over pavement but still did not impress but can't see what its reading in this version of Mission Planner nor on OSD.


    Second issue was the Sonar disable switch, it seems to have an issue or needs to be enabled and disabled at the start of every flight.   If switch is left in disabled position and not touched, the copter will gave loiter and alt hold issues until the sonar disable switch is toggled.

    If I disable Sonar totally, it's fine.  I'll do more testing...

  • Did you get this fixed? Having the same problem.

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