Sonar not working


I have a brand new sonar (order 20017)connected to my APM2 via a servo cable.

The sonar always gives 22-23 cm regardless of altitude and this sends my quad into orbit if i switch to alt_hold.

I can make the sonar give proper reading for a minute or two if i tap it gently or holding/fiddling with it.

What to do?


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  • Same Issue here with APM1 and XL-EZ0 though I haven't tried tapping. Sounds like bad/loose soldering perhaps?

    For me it is between 21 and 25. I can move around at that distance between 21 and 25 and get it to change. anything closer than 21 is read as 21. Anything above 25 is read as 25. I can hold my hand in between and hold them at 23 or 24. Pretty darn frustrating.

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