Sonar problem

I cant figure out why the sonars on both my copters don't seem to give a proper readings when I run sonar test on CLI. Ive done a full reset and installed the firmware a few times on both. Im running 2.5.3 on APM1 . 

When I run CLI it starts off reading 20cm .. so then I lift it up to about a meter and then it reads between 35 and 45cm.. I hold it over my head about 2 meters and it never reads more than about 80cm and the reading usually hovers between 65 and 75cm.

Anyone get the same reading? is this normal?

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         I've answered on the 2.5.3 release thread but maybe you just have the wrong sonar selected in the APM Setup screen?  If you're using the 1260 you'll need to select XL-EZL0.

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