• Raw GPS phase measurement logging is directly from the GPS module itself.I get a Reach module for this purpose.

    Have a look on RTKLIB for post processing. It is all about confronting base and mobile RINEX files. Rinex are ascii format for data exchange, so not used as such for logging, but every GNSS provider give a translator from raw records to Rinex.

  • Hey Pascal,

    The  exact time stamping can be embedded in the picture. Now that you talk about it I think I didnt implement the GPS time in photo time stamp, but I can now see it being useful. The raw GNSS logging is a bit harder to obtain from the pixhawk. Do you know of any information on methods for RTK post processing, and which raw information is necessary? Is it the raw radio data?

  • Hi Paulo,

    Your product sounds interesting. I think the graal in mapping with drone is to work without GCP. And this need RTK or PPK post processed. In two cases precise positioning and precise trigger time stamping from camera hot shoe is needed. You should look into that direction, coupled with raw GNSS logging and easy post processing procedure. The solution giving all wires, hardware and software will be a hit.

  • Hello Dell,

    Here at Airborne projects we have developed a product that takes pictures with compatible Sony cameras, and tags them while in the air. One of the plus of our product is that it is capable of configuring some settings of the Sony camera each time it is started.

    You can literally edit the camera settings in a text file. The product is called DROTAG. If you would like more information contact us or ask here.

    DROTAG x – Onboard Image Tagging Computer
    The DROTAG.x is an updated version of the earlier DROTAG which is a small board (71x28mm) that enables your camera to Trigger and GeoReference (Lat,…
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