Modified my glider Mr MOSS to be suitable for FPV and UAV applications hence I created MOSS Box and also the Big Bird MOSS 4 X . Got myself a FPV Set up with remzibi OSD as well. in the process of setting up the ardu pilot .

Here are a few video's of my plane's and an FPV Video on the MOSS 4 X :
1) MOSS BOX : Maiden test flight yesterday : had severe wing flex hence a short flight will sort it out this weekend and try her again :

2) MOSS 4 X is a 2.5 meter SPAD Twin Motor Glider flew FPV on its third Sorties this has ailerons as well so I wonder if Ardu Pilot can be used on this huge plane , if not what is the auto pilot I can use for this later when I want to make it autonomous.

General Details of MOSS 4 X as below :
1) Wing : Span 8ft +
2) Fuse : Aluminum 12 mm Square Tube with 3 Degree angle of incidence to horizontal for the Wing built in
3) Motor : RCFORALL DY 2820 1000 KV X 2 ( Same as BP / Suppo Motors )
4) Flight Battery : 2 X RCFORALL 11.1V 4200 MAH ( 1 for each Motor ).
5) AUW : 3500 Gms
6) Props GWS Rotating and Counter rotating 1060.
7) Camera PAL CMOS micro camera
8) Avionics RC 500 mW Tx on Board
9) Remzibi OSD
10) 10 dBi Patch Antenna with 2.4 G receiver
11 ) Fat Shark Goggles .

3) FPV Video on MOSS 4 X with remzibi OSD : this was the 1st time I used the remzibi OSD .

While the Ardu Pilot is being assembled I decided to build some SPAD Airframes and try them out using FPV .


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@Venkatesh - Love the picture of all the electronics tapes and strapped onto the wind. Hope that is good tape. I see no issue with using ArduPilot on that airframe.
Thanks ,
That was the first FPV trail planning to build a tray under the wing to settle all the electronics into , I tried a flat box one but it was a massive drag so trying to make it more aerodynamic.

Sorted out the Wing Flex by running an aluminium Round tube for the entire length as a SPAR instead of a short length as a wing joiner .
Made the Camera and Equipment Tray as a kind of a reverse aero foil of the wing below it for around 6- 8 inches on either side of the fuse .
What I mean is a mirror Image of the wings aero foil below the wing for 6 - 8 " on either side around the CG Point which is detachable without removing the wing . So for that portion it will be a symmetrical wing for 6 - 8 " on either side of the fuse .
Inside this box the down facing camera/ camera's , Batteries for the equipment , OSD etc could be Mounted in such a way that this section can be slid out something like a drawer of a table so the wing does not have to be taken out every time the equipment needs to be accessed .
Finally was able to test fly the MODS made to the MOSS 4 X and must say the the MODS worked great here is the Video :


The wing flex is sorted out , reverse aerofoiled Instruments Box which makes the Wing Kind of symmetrical in the center .

Stability is really great and the plane now seems to be a great Low Cost FPV/UAV Platform

Her is the instruments box
Hi Sai, good looking airframe. Gr8 SPAD. In the Moss 4 X , what video TX and camera have you fixed just behind the trailing edge?

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