Spektrum Dx6i Mix switch and Arducopter

Good daysorry if this has being discussed here, I am new to the forum and have trolled through the internet looking for a solution. I am looking at using the mix switch on my spectrum dx6i to give me more option in the flight mode section, I see there is a link to it in the arducopter wiki but the link does not exist.any help on this will be appreciatedthanks

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  • Kevin

    There was a good post on this but it seems to have disappeared.

    You might have found a solution, if not.......Try setting Mix 1 and Mix 2 up like this and you should get 5 modes with the three switches on the left



    I always stick some masking tape on the transmitter to remind me of the switch positions...


    And make the modes you might need in a hurry easy to remember e.g.. 111 for stabilise and 000 for RTL


    • Thanks, it worked for me.

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Aug 25