If you want 6 flights mode with Gear and Flightmode 1,2 switch with only using one channel (CH5) the following can be done with dx8 and maybe DX7:

Go to servo set up, set Gear to 85% and 65% in travel

Go to mixing:

Select Mix 1

Select GER >GER Set rate: to -31% and -23% ( these are the rates for gear sw pos '0' and Flight mode 1 and gear sw pos '1' and Flight mode 1)

Leave Offset at 0 %

leave Trim: set to Inh.

Set Sw to FM 1


Go to Mix 2

Select GER >GER Set rate: to -100% and -76% ( these are the rates for gear sw pos '0' and Flight mode 2 and gear sw pos '1' and Flight mode 2)

Leave Offset at 0 %

leave Trim: set to Inh.

Set Sw to FM 2

Then to check go into mission planner(APM setup), connect the arducopter and the radio then choose modes in the apm setup

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  • This setup was very helpful. I intially followed the instructions and was able to setup my system, However ran in to some issues locating the 65% travel setting and did not do that.

    However I was able to change the Mix 1 settings to -51% and -76% and got the attached results.


    mode PWM table.bmp

  • Help! I have set this up in my DX8. Also set-up different Flight Modes using different switch settings. In the Parameter List it shows the correct settings have been set, but when I flip the switches  I only get an extra setting in Gear - 0  F Mode-0 which is the correct setting. I get only 'Stabilized' for the rest of the other settings. I can't get the other switch settings to set to other modes. Tried recalibrating radio, saving params, writing params, reloading params, etc. No success. Is this a bug? Any help will be appreciated.

  • Thank you for the great instructions.  Would you mind explaining the steps in a bit more detail.  Flight modes 2-6 are working for me, but I'm not getting a signal low enough to hit Flight Mode 1.  I got this working by changing some of the values and watching the modes change in Mission Planner.... but I really didn't know what I was doing.  I'd love to understand it better.

    Thank you,


  • Thanks for the Post.... question: Does my DX8 have to be set up in HELI mode or could it be in AIRPLANE mode ? My DX8 is in airplane mode and APM planner is not recognizing the changes.. Do I have to assign ch 5? How do I do this? Which is CH 5?

    Maybe I'm having problems mixing (setting the master and slave)... 

    thnks again

  • Unfortunately this doesn't work with the DX7s, there's no FM 2 option in the Sw field.  Is FM a 3-way on a DX8?

    On a DX7s, I'll need to use the Flap (3-way) and Gear (2-way) switches.

  • This is an awesome post, thanks.  I have used up all of my mixes.  Is there a way to do it with only one mix?  That is all I have left.

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