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Serg Abad replied to Mihai's discussion LOITER and RTL crashing bug
"Maybe similar but hope it can help others.
I have had similar unstable performance with our quad and hexa with params that are too aggressive/high. I suggest relaxing params. Also, noticed that twitching/dipping and other similar symptoms…"
Apr 7, 2014
Serg Abad replied to bblatter's discussion Unsteady alt-hold
"Lower vibrations in your system.
Protect barometer.
Check Throttle MID

Try Settings:
1. Throttle Accel P 0.5-0.6
2. Throttle Accel I 1.0-1.2
2. Throttle Accel D 0.002-0.004
3. Throttle Rate 4.0-5.0
5. Altitude Hold P 1.05-1.1

Refine in small…"
Mar 16, 2014
Serg Abad commented on Dimitri Pappas's blog post Safeflight Copters releases their first product
"About time someone improved the conventional frame design for more safety and durability. Ordered mine too."
Oct 31, 2013
Serg Abad commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Announcing the next era at 3D Robotics
"I echo the sentiment of many. There is much room for improvement in terms of customer service and product-to-market reliability. Hope more money means better products and services."
Sep 28, 2013
Serg Abad replied to Serg Abad's discussion Radio Tx works on USB but not on wireless telemetry radios
"Found the problem. A defective APM unit that was bought last January or February 2013. Possibly one of the first gen APM 2.5 production units. This problem was reported also by several others in the forum. It was returned for repair but obviously…"
Sep 15, 2013
Serg Abad posted a discussion
Hi. Has anyone encountered the radio tx not working via wireless telemetry radios (no visible input in  even in radio calibration) but work perfectly via USB cable? This is in Mission Planner. The telemetry radios are communicating properly (i.e.…
Sep 14, 2013
Serg Abad commented on Randy's blog post Dropping a Rover from Hexacopter - Part III
"The sonar module will give more accurate readings when nearing ground level."
Aug 23, 2013
Serg Abad replied to iskess's discussion Redundant Systems
"Its a good thing the failsafe issues and concerns have been revived.
I've had two crashes with APM2.0 and APM2.5 some time ago with Autopilot-to-Manual switch over not working at a high enough altitude to recover. There was an RTL dive issue during…"
Aug 5, 2013
Serg Abad replied to Trent at MyGeekShow's discussion Continue Mission on Signal Loss? in ArduPlane User Group
"Has this feature been fixed? This also happens for my  current set-up which is still Arduplane 2.73. On failsafe it does not continue on the mission but does circle and RTL even when set to continue mission. In addition, we need the old manual level…"
Aug 1, 2013
Serg Abad left a comment on ArduPlane User Group
"Hi guys,
Can anyone point me to the specs and wiring directions/instructions of the 3DR servomux board? The board is no longer in the store and a search on the new forum returns nothing.  
Thanks in advance. "
Jul 3, 2013
Serg Abad replied to Josh Gray's discussion Power Module Failure?
"Yeah. One of my 3DR power modules died a couple of months ago after several successful flights with the almost the same output voltage now. Good thing it died during some SOP bench warming before flight. The APM board output rails were powered…"
Jun 11, 2013
Serg Abad replied to Serg Abad's discussion Weird 3 Axis Camera Gimbal Operation
"Since no one has replied to this thread, it looks like nobody has really tried using the pan servo output of APM or attempted to enable it in the code. :(  "
Dec 7, 2012
Serg Abad replied to Serg Abad's discussion Weird 3 Axis Camera Gimbal Operation
"An additional observation is that the pan stab servo is not responding at all to any motion of the APM. There seems to be no servo signal to the motor since I do not encounter resistance when I try to rotate it slightly. And the pan servo works when…"
Nov 27, 2012
Serg Abad replied to Serg Abad's discussion Weird 3 Axis Camera Gimbal Operation
"Btw, I am using the latest ArduPlane 2.67 code"
Nov 27, 2012
Serg Abad posted a discussion
Hi Guys,I seem to have encountered some weird camera gimbal operation with APM 2.5 and MP 1.2.22. I have used the APM 2.0 before with camera stab fine with pitch and yaw. This is the first time I have used all three camera axes - pitch, roll and yaw…
Nov 27, 2012
Serg Abad replied to Don Fiedler's discussion Unexpected motor glitches (speed up) with Tri Hex and Octo APM 2 & APM 2.5 using 2.73
We just fixed our own motor glitches and twitches problem after some time. The culprit was the multi-connector cable between receiver and APM board. They were probably a bit worn and if there is some vibration, they loose contact. An observation…"
Nov 19, 2012