Splash Drone ( Waterproof Drone) coming in June

Hey everyone, as some of you may know, we have developed and are bringing to market a fully waterproof drone with FPV and a waterproof gimbal among other features. We recently completed a successful crowd funding campaign and I'm happy to report that the production process is going well. We have the first hundred units completed and it looks like we're going to make our shipping dates. Check out the pic below its the first batch. I'd love to hear what you all think good and bad.3691206056?profile=original

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  • I'm very interested in this, if the price is not sky-high! ;)

    I was going to ask 3DR if their new Solo had some sort of floatation available, but perhaps this is a better way?

    Feel free to send me some info (PM if you like) or let me know how I can find some more info.

    I have a boat and am often hesitant to fly from it, because I don't want to have $1,000 worth of a drone to sink and be lost forever. Just being able to float is good enough, but water proof is even better.

    How is the weight and what are your flight times available? How does it handle cooling of the electronics?


    Thanks for any more info!



    • Hi Rich,

      You can find more info about the Splash Drone here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/urbandrones/splash-drone-a-wat...

      To answer your questions, the Splash Drone has 2KG payload capacity. With a Gopro and camera gimbal you're looking at roughly 17 minutes of flight time depending on conditions. We've torture tested the Splash Drone in Miami FL (it gets really hot and humid down here) and have not had any issues with overheating.

      The only thing I would recommend as far as maintenance is hosing down the motors and frame with fresh water after using it in salt water.

      We designed this drone specifically for boaters and water sports enthusiast. If your looking for a drone to use on your boat I think this is a good match. Please feel free to ask me any additional questions you may have.

      Here is our website btw: http://urbandrones.com/

      • Thanks for the link, etc.

        Does this unit use a PixHawk as it's controller?

        Is the chassis available separately if I want a done with Pixhawk and other of my own components?

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