I have been told that no. 5 and 6 outs on the apm board will stabilise a camera mount pitch and roll axis.  My question is how do I enable them as at present they dont power up the servos ?


Br Nick

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They do from 2.0.30 ... Mine is working really well :)




where is to download 2.0.30?

i can't find at http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/downloads/list

only 2.0.29

2.0.30 is compiled in thee current version the Planner.  Just do a standard Planner install and you'll have it.

2.0.29 is the same code, just a fix for the camera and mission planner. 


I have updated last night but still nothing happens when I plug in servos to 5 and 6 ?

Am I missing somthing really simple ?

How do you set the transmitter to tilt and roll these axes while flying? ( or just dip the pitch of the camera maybe)

Is it possible I have the trans set wrong?



You need to be in flight mode perhaps?

Can you try and grab the zip from Google code and use Arduino to upload? Let me know if that fixes the problem. We had a compiling issue before. but that seems to be fixed as indicated above by Philip.


sorry I am very new to this could you elaborate on what zip , I am in flight mode,  could you explain a bit about using arduino please?


Thanks for your help  Nick

Nick: see the bottom of this page:

Hi ,

This going to sound really silly but I thought the APM was automatically updated when connected to Mission planner!

I have just updated the firmware and it now works great !   noooby or what ?  Lol

It is normal that the eeprom is completely re-set when updating ?


Next question how do people opt to control the pitch and maybe the roll on the stabilised servos?



LOL.Maybe someday ;-)


We reset the EEPROM when there is a firmware change that modifies the EEPROM structure.

You are able to control the pitch of your camera but not the roll.


By default the code is set up to use channel 6 of your transmitter to control the pitch of your camera.  Set up your transmitter so that channel 6 is on a variable control and not a switch.  On my Hitec I have a couple of controls which move in an arc and allow me to adjust the camera to any level.  Your tx may have a potentiometer available.


Once the tx is setup simply connect the output from channel 6 on your rx to input 6 on your APM board.




if you do this, will you not lose roll stabilization ability?

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