Stabilization problem with Disco (V quad)

Hello guys.

im trying to help a couple of friends with TBS discovery quads on V3.1.5.

both of them fly pretty well in stabilize, and went through auto tune.

despite two very different setups (one 600KV 13" and one 900KV 10") both of them exhibit similar behaviour in LOITER - and that is a slow wobble on the arm axis (45 degree axis) - so loiter seems unstable and almost useless for AP for now.

Can you guys share if you found a similar problem? and how did you setup yours?


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  • Also did you go into FrameType and select V?

    Here is my selection, I selected V

  • I am using a 5200 battery and its pretty heavy

    I always tune with GoPro on the Disco since the CG kinda needs it, mine flies better with the GoPro on.

    I really thought dead cat was once a selection in the MP firmware upload...but I only see X now.

  • Did you try my PIDs out?

  • >did you set the gains before auto tuning? if so, why ? 

    Not sure if i understand that,  by gains I think you mean where I said I set "Rate YAW P 0.25-stab yaw 5.0 "

    I did that after and that was because I had some YAW rocking, right left when traveling in a straight line...that removed the yaw rocking at least at still winds.

  • Edgar,

    ours are regular discos, not the pro version, and they sure rock after being auto tuned.

    let me get this straight - did you set the gains before auto tuning? if so, why ? 

    we did the auto tune on default gains, and the rocking is there in both machines.

  • Lior,

    I don't think I have this issue.

    Is this a TBS Discovery or Discovery Pro?

    Heres is what I have

    TBS Disco Pro

    APM 2.6 - uBloc external GPS

    Motors 900kv

    Graupner 10"  (although recently I went to Self tightening DJI/GemFan)

    To start out here are my PIDs

    I did 2, both seemed okay



    I did 3 tests with diff PIDs

    Started out with

    Stabilize P 5.0000

    Rate Yaw P 0.2500

    Rate Yaw I 0.0100

    Rate Yaw D 0.0000

    Rate Yaw IMAX 8.0

    Then changed Rate Yaw P and Stabilize P only

    Rate YAW P 0.25-stab yaw 5.0 
    Worked GREAT

    Here is after my first auto tune, its hard to see but I don't see any rocking do you?

    Also I did do a compass calibration.

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