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    Ok, I've just done a flight for you guys and captured the telemetry and video.

    You can see the constant banking to the left while in Stab mode. The times where the plane banks right while in stab mode is when I input right elevon - and I lose a lot of altitude, as if the right elevon stays in the down position. Cruize mode seems ok though, just a little high P gain, which I'll fix.

    I hope it makes sense, thank you so much.

    2013-08-05 13-42-15.tlog

  • Hi Hein, do you have your radio channels calibrated after trimming?

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    Hein, did you do the level calibration again? There's a new method to do it now, same as for copters.

    It's possible there's a twist in your airframe or rudder is out or maybe thrust line is out, if you still have level flight problems I was told (and have been using) AHRS_TRIM_X (roll) in increments of 0.02 (it's in Radians, about 1.2 degrees) to get the plane to fly level.

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    Thanks Bill, but does stabilize use the mag? I doubt that plane uses the onboard mag at all anyway - as far as I know it uses the gps movement for heading.

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    It's probably due to compass interference. I have exactly the same problem. You need to either move your APM further away from the PDB, or better still and likely to have a better end result is to get an external mag and mount it further away.  

    I'm waiting for my i2c cable to arrive so I can attached my external mag.


    The APM2.6 doesn't have the mag on-board anymore, it's built into the GPS unit


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