Stable mode- what should I expect?

I finally have my 3DR quad flying ( I use that term lightly) but I don't know what expect out of stable mode while flying. I don't know if it's acting normal and just showing my lack of flying skills or I need to adjust something so I would greatly appreciate some help.

When lifting off the ground it doesn't want to liftoff straight up but I can counteract it and get it up in the air. Once I get it hovering 6-10' off the ground and try to move it in any direction it starts dropping requiring me to give it more throttle. Is this normal? I'm new to flying RC so it may be just me but it seems like when trying to move in any direction I'm really fighting to keep it off the ground and it ends up doing more up and down movement than forward movement.



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  • yeah, that is usual to all first flyers.

    That is why all of us can't control an RC without experience

    For any unexperienced pilots, we have to design to more stable structure such as dihedral angle, more excess power.

    That is my point of view

  • Looks like i found the page , mentions where to set pid settings, but there are so many settings, and they seem to be trial and error, might be hard to have a stable quad without a arducopter frame

  • Hi, i  wanted to ask a newbie question.  I have been looking into getting an APM 2 and my own quad copter frame + motors+esc from ebay or hobby king for cheap and put it together with a tx/rx.  I did not think about getting the arducopter frame because i want to keep my costs low.  And I have gone through the forums and the APM 2 assembly instructions to make sure i can make this work, I believe I can.  Now after reading this post and , it seems like if i get my own frame and not an arducopter frame, i will need to tweak PID settings for the various frames.  My question is what are PID settings, where and how do i tweak them? Thanks.

    What I need for Arducopter UAV
    This page gives you all the information you need about all the parts and equipment you need for your arducopter.
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