Stopped on unknown problem

Hi all,

I have no or maybe noisy signal inputs from receiver. What should I try?


Currently, I've only succeeded in downloading ArduPiratesNG code, because 2 other (ArduCopter) codes have continuous errors in my system.

 I've connected the Configurator v.1.22. It is connecting to oilpan on 100-200th try, after several resets.

I've been told to check "Set RTS on close", but there's no such options in Windows 7 COM port settings, only on XP.

Okay, I said, but it is connected anyway!

Initialise EEPROM - OK.

Checking receiver inputs - NO signal.

Disconnected Rx (AR8000 receiver with DX8 transmitter, on PPM), plugged to a servo -  works fine!

Connected to oilpan board - no signal again.

Even the same servo, being connected to a free channel, appears not receiving signal.

Then I've connected that poor servo to OUT_1, or OUT_2... and it started to dither, like there was big noise, and quickly became hot.

When I made another reset, the servo stopped. It only  dither, when both flight mode and PC connection are active.

And finally, no motor commands happen - changing motor slider in Configurator has no effect on servo.


My current setup:

- 2560 IMU v 1.4 with shield.

- USB 2.0 is connected

- 3 main channels and 3 aux channels  of Rx connected to the shield via 1-wire connectors.

- the last one main channel is connected by 3-wire connector (probably, Elevator, but I've found that all power pins are connected with each other, so no matter where to connect power)

- 3-wire ESC BEC connected to OUT_1 or Rx Bind/Dat (I've changed that positions with no effect; any position made Rx turn on)

- no other equipment connected, I'm afraid of burning the board as it was mentioned in the instructions.

- of course, switch is set to 1 (forward)


What should I try next? Is this problem of OilPan, or software, or other hardware?

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  • The problem with crappy COM settings has gone since one of the automatic Windows system updates. However, I dont't know which one that was.

    Thanks Chris.

  • 3D Robotics

    George, I think you've got some sort of weird Windows issues. The Set RTS checkbox is definitely in Windows 7 Ultimate -- here's a screen shot of mine:


    I'd try another PC.


    BTW, you selected the wrong category for this discussion. It's not ArduIMU, so I've move it to APM tech support.

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