Hi All
I have recently been developing an aduino based storm32gimbal controller with arducopter and pixhawk to track way points
In operation you simply point the camera by rc inputs to the desired region of interest ( ROI) fip a switch on the Tx
and the gimbal will continue to track the ROI automatically while flying freely by hand . and have it working ok with limits on gimbal speed and acelleration
this is much more convenient than a preplanned auto flight especially when flying in confined places
also trying to use a laptop in sunlight in not easy.
the mavlink / trig code i have write is far from finished. I would like help on
1 controling the gimbal through the pixhawk only( i presently have 2 ports one to get data from the pix hawk relative alt and gps and r/c.)and the other directly to the storm32 .
2 using pixhawk function " GPS_point. i think it may be possible to use this function as i can get "mission planner" to "point camera here"
but i unable to figure out sysid, comp id , target id and what is the purpose heartbeats
3 how to read R/Cchannels 9 -16 I can only find a message with channels 1 to 8
if there is any interest i will send code and details
Tim Painter 

see video here https://youtu.be/4-zs8vfpWgU3691377633?profile=original




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