Strange behavior of the ArduPilotMega IMU!!

One of my ArduPilotMega IMU can't work properly. The IMU was installed on the Ardupilotmega board as shown in wiki manual. It works fine in CLI mode, and all the LEDs show normally. When it was switched to Flight mode and reconnected the power, the LEDs(A, B, C) won't light up as it should do normally. They never light up actually durning the flight mode. These LEDs didn't show anything. Also, the stabilize mode, Fly by Wire mode, and auto mode are all won't work, only the manual mode is ok. The IMU board might have some problem. Maybe the system was hung durning the booting sequence for some reason.
But when I use another IMU Board with the same Ardupilotmega board, all flight modes are all working fine.
I use the ArdupilotMega firmware V1.02, the MTK GPS with firmware v1.6 not yet installed.

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    Almost all such problemsmturn out to be due to user soldering error. Check your connections closely!

    If you can't find the issue, contact DIY Drones cuatomer support.
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