Strange behaviour, tuning issue ?

Hi !

I just finished my quad, with APM. Uploaded 2.0.50 and made all neccessary setup steps. When I tried fly, after an in flight trimming, it holds level pretty well, but it's literally impossible to control it's flight. It reacts to stick input, but just for for a small moment, then returns to level, to keep it moving to a direction i have to give more and more stick input, then when I release the stick it reacts violently and overshoot to the opposite direction, then levels back. (unless the original stick command is large enough to cause a massive overshoot when released. In that case it most likely crash...)

I'm puzzled. Where to start? Is it a tuning issue or something I did wrongly?

(Attached a log from a last flight)


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  • Any idea ?

  • I tried to tune PID parameters, but did not realised any significant changes.... I went down to Stable_pid 3.6 but it did not helped.... is there any hint where to start other that try to change parameters randomly? It's not wobbling or something...

    My Copter has 25cm arms, NTM 2830A/750 motors from HK and 10x4.7 props. AUW 1450 gramm ~ 50oz.

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