Strange gyro/accel results after hard crash


after hard crash of my airframe the IMU lost some parts (one slider switch, 4 DIP switches and the relay circuit, see the attached picture).

3690881420?profile=originalInstead slider switch i soldered temporary one (the ugly big one ;-( )

I tried to connect APM via USB and it works ;o)

Main problem but is  when i tried to run tests, the gyro/accel test gives me strange outputs:

3690881487?profile=originalIMU reacts on movement but the numbers from sensors seems to be very small to me. I guess before the accident the numbers were much more bigger.

Has anybody idea if the sensors could be damaged (after huge G-forces applied) ?

I would like to test it now in tricopter but i'm afraid if it won't fail because of the gyro/accel sensors.

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  • Can somebody send me such output from gyro/accel test that i can compare the numbers, that looks to me on my APM really small. Best would be the gyro/accel test from APM 2.20.

  • Moderator

    Bummer. I'd look at the IMU schematic and see if the accels and gyros are powered through a common circuit and check those components' solder pads with a magnifier or hit them with a torch or hot air gun. If you want to go at it really ham-fistedly, hit the whole board with a hot air gun to reflow everything.

  • 3D Robotics
    That looks pretty busted. Unless you know how to replace SMD chips, I'm afraid you'll need a new board.
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