Strange Yaw values

Hello everybody,

I upgraded my Pixhawk powered quad to 3.2rc14 this weekend and flew a couple of flights.  The craft flew pretty stable - not great and probably needs some fine tuning.

I saw some strange values in the logged Yaw dataset with the data going from a nominal value back to zero for quite a few minutes. I certainly didn't think the aircraft was banging around in the yaw axis as the data would suggest.

Any help in understanding what I am seeing would be appreciated. Screenshot and log file attached.



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  • Perhaps you were facing north and your yaw values were bouncing between 0 and 360 degrees. That would show up as big jumps as you see but was only 1 or 2 degrees or so of actual yaw.


    • Yep - that is very plausible. Thanks for  the insights.

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