stuck at a mission waypoint in AUTO mode

well strangely enough my hexa (with APM 2.7 and 3.2.1 firmware) got "stuck" at waypoint 4 position, after arriving at it,  until I switched to Stabilize apparent reason, no GPS failsafe or glitch (HDOP was 1.8 all along). logs reveal nothing at all....

I flew the same mission another time w/o changing anything and it did just fine, didnt get stuck.

are there any known reasons for this? anything I should look for in particular?

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  • What is your wp nav radius set to?

    • the default, 200cm....then in another flight today after it yet again did something else yawed to the heading of the next waypoint like 200m before getting to the actual waypoint, thou still flying towards it, so like it flew sideways toward that waypoint like half way before getting to it, for no apparent reason...sort of like if I had put in a condition_yaw action before getting to the waypoint, with the exception there was no such action at all in the mission plan!!!

      i dont know, i went back to 3.1.5 for now and flew it and did nothing strange at all, it was so much more stable for me on 3.1.5 and never did anything weird like this until i loaded 3.2.1

      • You may have a look at your "Fence" settings?

  • You will need to post a flash log and the mission file to get useful help.

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