Hello everyone,

In my opinion the ardupilot project made huge steps forward in the last year. Many new features had been implemented.

But I am still missing something. I have an acrobatic plane (Acromaster) and already tested it with Ardupilot. But there is no possibility for acrobatic flight in any mode than manual. A mode that simply does what a normal gyro does would be great. A mode that tries to hold the current attitude. And not going back to level flight.

It would give Ardupilot another interessting function. I am sure that there is a demand for this "half autonomous mode".

I already had some experiences with a gyro in an acrobatic plane on aileron axis. It is helpful for flying very slow and for hoovering.

Everyone, please tell me what you think about. I'm sure the effort for implementing it would be quite small.

Thank you!

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         We've got a new member of the dev team, Leonard Hall and we're very much talking about implementing something like this.  Leonard's done a few blog posts on what he's thinking about.  It won't make 2.7.4 but likely will make the release after that.

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