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I am a big fan of the Ardupilot Project. It is amazing when an open source project develops new features that fast. But I would be interested in Flight Modes also for Acrobatic Planes. I am missing a simple gyro mode. I think it would be just a few lines of code to add this mode.



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Felix Böwing posted a discussion
Hello everyone,In my opinion the ardupilot project made huge steps forward in the last year. Many new features had been implemented.But I am still missing something. I have an acrobatic plane (Acromaster) and already tested it with Ardupilot. But…
Oct 13, 2012
Felix Böwing replied to Etienne's discussion Tuning climb rate
"hi, maybe your problem is not solved yet. Mine neither. I think we have the same problem and think you should know that here is another thread about the same problem. Unfortunately not in the right folder.…"
Oct 13, 2012
Felix Böwing replied to alfred.vesely's discussion Tuning the Climbrate of APM
I am also interested in solving this problem. In my opinion the Nav Pitch AS Pid regulates the air speed to the given cruising speed by controlling the elevator.
So why doesn't it climb when the airspeed increases? I set the p value as high as…"
Oct 13, 2012