Tuning the Climbrate of APM


last weekend i was adjusting the PIDs of my new X8 Wing. Everything is fine, execpt of the climb rate.

I tried to set the max Pitch angles in FBW first, that worked fine.

Then, in AUTO mode, i set a high waypoint, APM set throttle up, increased airspeed, but didn´t pitched up enough.

I tried to variate Nav Pitch AS pid, Nav Pitch Alt pid, Energy/Alt pid, but without too much effect.

Could you tell me the correct vaules to increase the rate of climb?

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  • *push

    I am also interested in solving this problem. In my opinion the Nav Pitch AS Pid regulates the air speed to the given cruising speed by controlling the elevator.

    So why doesn't it climb when the airspeed increases? I set the p value as high as possible. Higher values would make it overshoot. Is it possible that I have to set also an Integral value to compensate this constant error?

    It would be great if someone could tell us about his experiences with climbing and going down again.

  • Anybody has an idea?
    As you see here, i am not alone with this problem:


  • Developer

    change the target airspeed lower

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