Suggestion of new little features


Is there any idea of adding tooltips to MissionPlanner as some of the functions maybe are not so clear  to new users like me :)


Other thing i'm missing is automatic saving for last used map source, map position and zoom level (maybe chexbox option for saving On/Off).



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  • Hi Michael,

    What do you think about adding calculated center lines for 1-4 rc channels in radio calibration tab? For example i have calibrated roll channel values min 1085 and max 1941, there will be shown line or other sign in the middle of those values and also calculated center value. Will help to check that tx trims are centered and so on....

    Regards Jani

  • Hi, would it be possible to set the Baud rate for the telemetry port using the Mission Planner (or the CLI)?


    My problem is that I have radios that at the moment only run at 9600 Baud, and I would like to see if that is fast enough (would you recon it is?).

    I have tried a manual upload of the software; however, if I do that, I get jittery servo response in FBW/AUTO mode... When uploading the firmware via the mission planner, everything works fine. So if you happen to know a solution to that problem, that would also be nice =]


    Thanks for all the great work you guys put in!


  • Morning,


    I really got a nice surprise when I upgraded from 1.0.45 to 1.0.47.  Alot of the interface bugs seem to be cleared like the hardware tab under configuration.  I also like the new hardware setup options.  Thanks for the excellent work Michael.


    I second the request for tooltips for the Commands under the configuration tab.  Was trying to find out what enable_flow was for instance.




  • Hi Michael

    Mostly using custom map now. After restart it's always reseted to googlesatellite in flight planner, which i have to change then. After map change and restart zoom level in "Flight Data" map window is always 3.0 and my custom maps only cover levels 16-18 and i have to zoom a lot before i see map.


  • Developer

    I will add some tooltips, over the next few days. i will also start saving last map used. what map are you changing to?


  • I second the tooltips!

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