Is there any idea of adding tooltips to MissionPlanner as some of the functions maybe are not so clear  to new users like me :)


Other thing i'm missing is automatic saving for last used map source, map position and zoom level (maybe chexbox option for saving On/Off).



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I second the tooltips!

I will add some tooltips, over the next few days. i will also start saving last map used. what map are you changing to?


Hi Michael

Mostly using custom map now. After restart it's always reseted to googlesatellite in flight planner, which i have to change then. After map change and restart zoom level in "Flight Data" map window is always 3.0 and my custom maps only cover levels 16-18 and i have to zoom a lot before i see map.


Hi Michael


Spent 7 hours playing with the Planner today. LOVE IT!!!!

Managed to do my first successul missions with a 50CC trainer today, after 6 weeks of R&D, I am so stoked to have it all working.


I do have a few suggestions for improvements. Please dont take offence, just my opinoin, so use it/dont use it.


1. double-second the tooltips idea. I was going to suggest a screenshot on the WIKI, with hover hotspots linking to explanations of waht each thing does (Especially on the PID screen), but live tooltips sounds better.)


2. Can you make the blue "track" line double its current length? need to see a tad more "history"


3. When I record a log, then make the KMZ from that, the Altitudes are out by the height of the flying spot. This means that if I was flying at 1000m ASL, and I landed, Google earth would show I landed 1000m AGL. Seems like the current ground height ASL needs to be subtracted from the telemetey log value.


4. Similarly, the voice prompts read out the ASL height, I think it may be better to read out the AGL height. I still havent decided if it will be better to display the AGL height on the Altitude ladder. Perhaps this could be a user selectable option?


5. What is the new display item in the top left of the AH? Looks like a track error display, like ILS to the next waypoint?


6. Can you make the telemetry log playback faster? its REALLY slow. perhaps a speed selector?


7. Today, I created a mission with 4 waypoins. 1 to 3, and Home. After it flew the mission to WP3, it kept saying "heading to waypoint 4".  FOUR?? I assume this it then back to Home. Correct?


8. When I playback my mission in the mission planner long after the actual mission, I have no idea where the origional waypoints were.  It keeps saying "Heading to WP 4"  It would me nice if the waypoints could be saved WITH the log file, perhaps with an option to turn its display on and off during playback.


9. A feature I would really like to see is the ability to load a T-log, and display the entire track on the screen at once.


If its ok, I will keep more requests coming as I come accross them.


Once again thank you for a really excellent interface!






I really got a nice surprise when I upgraded from 1.0.45 to 1.0.47.  Alot of the interface bugs seem to be cleared like the hardware tab under configuration.  I also like the new hardware setup options.  Thanks for the excellent work Michael.


I second the request for tooltips for the Commands under the configuration tab.  Was trying to find out what enable_flow was for instance.




ok, i will answer in the same order you posted

1. i have started on the tool-tips. mainly on flight data and planner. havnt made it to the config screen yet.

2. i might make the line length adjustable, this will effect performance however. depening on what pc you are using it on. at the moment i think its 200 points.

3. im not sure on this one. the log always logs gps alt, ASL, can you post a kml so i can see it?

4. if you click set home alt, in the actions tab it changes all altitude refrences for the hud and speech. you must do this before you take off, as it uses the current alt.
5. the vertical bars are crosstrack error (in 20 unit increments). the mini T is turn rate indicator

6. i will see what i can do for fast forward, not sure how to deal with it just yet.

7. correct, this is another not sure how to deal with. as i have to asume i may not know how many wps are loaded. i will investergate further however.

8. saving wps in the log is a bit hard. as im folowing the QGC log structure. my best advise would be to save the mission to a wp file, and load it for log playback.

9. ill see what i can do about whole path, to screen. for now the answer is use the kml.


hopefully i partly addressed all those questions. and i must say a 50cc trainer is big, your a brave man. i have a 50cc electric model, but no autopilot in that one.


and yes feedback is welcome.

enable_flow is new, for the optical flow sensor. not yet released, mainly for quads

Cool Thanx!


Yes, I am using the Lanyu Primary 100 Trainer with a 5320 motor, and a 10s 10000ma pack.

Initial tests using a ST Models Discovery (I can highly reccomend this for beginners btw) proved so well I thought I might as well go big. Initially have a 50cc gasser in there, but the vibration proved fatal to the imu sensors.


While I remember, one thing that is still quite buggy, is the Mission planner crashes in Windows with an exception error quite often. This is on several different machines running Win XP and Win7, and I have had a number of similar reports from my customers. Not critical, as you just start the Planner again, and continue, Anyone else getting this?




full crash and exit? or just send error report? i havnt had the planner crash on me in a very long time.

one thing to posibly check is you have the .net framework 3.5 installed as well as the directx redist

Hi, would it be possible to set the Baud rate for the telemetry port using the Mission Planner (or the CLI)?


My problem is that I have radios that at the moment only run at 9600 Baud, and I would like to see if that is fast enough (would you recon it is?).

I have tried a manual upload of the software; however, if I do that, I get jittery servo response in FBW/AUTO mode... When uploading the firmware via the mission planner, everything works fine. So if you happen to know a solution to that problem, that would also be nice =]


Thanks for all the great work you guys put in!


in the current trunk version you can change the baud rate as a param. however, 9600 i dont thinkw as enough bandwidth to operate properly. as its only 960 bytes per second... then you have to concider 2 way comms. so that halves that. and its just not enough. there is some other posts on the forum about XSC xbees. have a look for them

Hi Michael,

I believe these xbees are certified for the US only; since I am in Europe, I would have to go for the 868 modules with their known duty cycle limitations which unfortunately rules that option out.


I bought two APC 220 radios which in theory should go up to 19200; do you think that rate would be high enough? (unfortunately, I also have not been able to change the module's baud rates yet, discussed here http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/apc220-for-telemetry-in-place?xg_...)


If you say 'in the trunk', that means that I should compile the code from the svn myself right? I don't think I would know how to compile anything beyond processing/arduino :) Will this be featured in the next release?

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