I'm trying to get our dept. to use drones but the price tag of military grade stuff is hard to justify.  What can you recommend that is RTF, autopilot, RTL and will send images to a GCS out of the box?  Oh and easy enough for a firefighter to use w/o days of training. 

I've got till Oct. 8th to write a proof of concept proposal.

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  • Any dji phantom would work plus any number of dji 450 kits can easily be outfited to send back video.  Plus if you are close to the location then you could wifi back HD video I do believe.  But a gopro can both record and send back decent live video.

  • Has anyone found any real solutions? I'm currently tasked with finding a drone for Cheyenne Fire and Rescue for search and rescue and hazmat. I've looked at Turbo Aces Matrix i and at DJI's Matrice 600....they have all we need for roughly $7,000; payload of 10 lbs or more, thermal imaging, 45 mins flight time, etc. It just isn't easily decontaminated aka water proof. I just found MMC Phoenix A6 but I can't get a quote from them. Please update us if you have found something. Thanks

    • unless you have some sci-fi enegy source on board, you need to rethink the flight time..

      • Flight time of 45 minutes is without payload for search, payload of of 10 lbs or more is for 10-15min flight to take monitoring equipment down range....not 45 minutes carrying 10 lbs. Sorry for confusion.

        • besides marketing lies, there is no such thing as 45min with even a simple camera/video TX.

          Once you need headroom for turbulent air/wind, and to dare to move a bit away (cannot land on very short notice) real flighttimes with wind, and drag on payload, are most often 20-25minutes to be safe.

          then you need to calculate batteries with a bit less capacity (they are not new every day) - and finally, you cannot store them fully charged , and need time to charge them on short notice, not always reaching the full theoretical charge...

          Just trying to save you some grief, those requirements will make most but the most cynical sellers to shut up.  :)

          • Andre, I have a quad with an EO camera and a FLIR 640 on the same gimbal and have hit 48 minutes. So it is possible. But will carry nothing else at the same time.  SG

            • See thats what we need, but we also need it to carry 10lbs for 5mins while we take a monitor down to a hazmat spill. I know 45 mins isn't insane anymore. Some drones use 2 and 3 batteries now. In most cases were gonna drive 10-30 mins to the location and be charging batteries during that travel time. Thanks Scott...what kind of quad is yours?

              • Lockheed Indago. One battery

                • Can be yours for just $25,000!  His budget was $7000 I think.

                • Try performanceuav.com   their payloader system for transporting a payload

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