I want to capture some videos  and send them simultaneously to the ground station , please introduce some brands for camera and guide me through this job.

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gopro or foxtech horyzon hd will do this.

I have had good luck with a Nikon s9300. Comes with a cable you can use for live video out. You can even get creative and stick a servo on the camera so you can trigger the shutter to capture a still shot while you are in video mode.


 Thanks for the info. I've been searching for a cam for my bixler 2 build. I just ordered the HoryzonHD V2. This was the last part that I needed to peg down. I was not wild about the gopro because of the mounting options in my airframe. I think this will give me tons of options. Great advice.

Hi Armin,

I just tested a cheap chinese HD action cam... and got very good results...

It's the "Exdreme Camera",

Image quality is very good, as good as a GoPro ! It goes up to 1080p at 30 fps, and 720p at 60 fps.

for the price you have a nice setup, with LCD screen and digital zoom... and 3 tons of accesories !!

You can buy it for 129 $ at chinavasion.


You will find a very detailed review here:


I'll post a unprocessed video sample soon...

Good luck,


Here is the video...


It was a bit shaky (more PID tuning needed...) so I stabilized it with Youtube video editor... lost a bit of quality...

I'm quite happy with the results, the camera was simply strapped underneath to the quad with rubber bands and a sponge to reduce vibrations !!

good luck


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