Sunnysky motors, whether they are fake or real

I'm gathering parts for a 450mm quad and the only thing that I'm worried about is whether or not these motors are legit. I have read that there are many copies of these motors on eBay and other sites, like even bang good and was wondering if anyone could tell if these were legit or fake before I get them and potentially waste money.I have read up on all the fake clone models out there and so far this looks good. If there is anyone in the know I would greatly appreciate it if you could help.Link to eBay page:

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  • Yeah, even if they are made by SunnySky these motors aren't the same quality as the genuine versions. So yes they would be considered fakes.

    The whole Chinese cloning phenomenon is baffling, I guess I will just chalk it up to the differences between Chinese and western cultures. What would seem dishonest or shady in western society is just business as usually in China. Its a strange world where we live.

  • I'm still not 100% convinced that these motors are fakes. There is a chance that SunnySky actually make these, but these "fakes" are actually motors that don't meet the QA standard. Basically, these are rejects and SunnySky uses different bearings and slightly alters packaging and print for plausible deniability.

    I know the Chinese are very good a making cloned products. But think about it, are enough of these motors sold to justify setting up a production line? Yes, they are popular, but only in the RC world. Yes, multirotor's are extremely popular, but most are phantoms or some other RTF model. From a business sense, I really can't see the motivation to invest in producing fake multirotor motors. SunnySky motors are already priced low, it just doesn't make sense.

    • Not the case at all, IMHO. I own some, sadly, and they are physically different. Quite different when you compare them. Not even the same physical dimensions. At least mine are. Whatever they are they are not QC rejects. They are different motors made to a very different quality spec. I agree, it is odd. But maybe even $4-5 per motor is enough incentive for the fakers though. I reckon they are selling a quite a lot of these actually given the worldwide interest and the position of the Sunnysky brand. If the bearings were genuine they would be usable.

  • Many Thank's, I use SKF, NTN and Koyo for big machines here but they don't sell little bearings here in Argentine.

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      Hey Cala,

      Been talking to Alasdair, we may have a few spares of these bearings we could send you later in the week- a gift, no charge! Will let you know when we get them arranged and see if you want them, do you need many?
      • Many thank's for your great gesture, I have T-Motors and Rc-Timer ones, I ask to know to have stock when I have to replace them because I can't find little good quality bearings here and I read that it's better to replace them after certain flying hours; I think that Rc timer ones have that size but I'm going to try to search for them.

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          No problems at all, if you ever do have any issues getting them then Alasdair has found a source here in tasmania- just let us know. All the best.
  • Thank's for share your experience Alas, what are good quality commercial brand bearings and where you buy them? 

  • I guess you are speaking of X3508 motors. I have V3508s 700KV from Banggood that I think are genuine. I got those before getting some X2218s that were fakes (from Banggood). Sunnysky themselves confirmed to me via email that Banggood sell fakes. You have to wonder why they cannot officially stop them from buying their motors. There are things about Chinese business that are baffling. Banggood continue to sell a mix of fakes and genuine Sunnsysky motors. It seems all the high demand X series are mostly fake.

    Incidentally, I stared a thread on this on RCGroups so people can share their experience. There is another one here dealing with X2212.

    If anyone actually ends up with Bangood fakes you should post pictures, email Sunnysky and post your replies on one of the linked threads and forward your post to Banggood. Banggood promptly responded, when it was clear I was publicly documenting it, by refunding all my money and not taking the fakes back. Also Ebay should be able to refund your purchase if you can document it is counterfeit-- I imagine it would be a PITA to do.

    One question Alisdair - I have ordered new genuine bearing for my fakes. Would your fakes accept genuine bearings? I tried to use my fakes but the bearings started to sound funny after 5 minutes! Hopefully they will fit.

    BTW - BuddyRC is the best US source of genuine Sunnsysky motors and they are not that much more expensive than fakes.

    • Yes, the 3508's do seem to be genuine from BangUgood.  I had a order with them last summer for eight x2216-9 1100kv and four x3508 700kv motors.  The 2216 were all fake! Some had the stators glued 2/3's in, three didn't work properly, they either didn't work at all or stuttered.  I was pissed because by the time I finally got around to using them it was too late to file a PayPal report.

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