Super Simple Mode combined with Altitude Hold.

I know we have numerous modes available for the Arducopter, but I thought combining Super Simple Mode with Altitude Hold would make the perfect bail out mode.While I'm able to regain orientation I need to move it about the sky a little to verify direction of travel and co-ordinate stick inputs.Just thinking another combination mode may be beneficial in the existing set.Only posting this as an idea.

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    You can also assign supersimple to CH7 or CH8, and if you are using a 3 positions switch on your transmitter, then you'll get simple mode as a bonus on the center switch position.

    I'm using that since a few weeks and it works flawlessly with altitude hold.


  • you can already do this. there is now two check boxes next to where you set the flight modes, one for simple and another for super simple. you can apply either to any flight mode.

    you can also assign simple to your ch7/8 option, allowing you to turn any flight mode into simple on the fly

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