Supersonic, I'm going to do it.

Yep, you heard me right, I'm going to build the world's first supersonic RC plane, almost doubling the world's present RC speed record. Reason why I'm doing this is to get the attention of the aerospace industry so that they might consider me someday.

Yes, I know the technical challenges will be enormous, but that is why I am doing this, to demonstrate what I can do. Plus it will finally be a chance for me to put my degree to use.

Now the biggest challenge will be finding a place for me to actually fly supersonically, not that every flight has to be supersonic. I am aware that when airplanes travel at that speed a sonic boom is usually created. However, since this design will be smaller, so will the sonic boom.

Another concern of mine will be heat, as air friction compresses the air, heating it up. The temperature I estimate I will reach will exceed the maximum of some of the components, so I will need some sort of cooling mechanism, and just fans won't cut it.

Now I know some of you may have alarming concerns, but if you calmly address them with me I will address them. I'm posting this here because I may need advise for the type of parts I need and other recommendations you may have.

Aerospace V logger out.

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  • I guess it has to be a rocket with super tiny wings and ailerons :D

    • It's not, it will have moderately sized wings with an EDF with ethanol-fueled augmentation.

      • To separate the thrust of this project from the background noise, perhaps you could tell us a bit more about yourself, your qualifications and experience, and maybe start feeding us some serious design information. Self promotion and clear explanations may help your aim of getting a good reputation from this project. May I also suggest using diagrams and formulas rather than too many words to explain each principle and where you would like input from members of this forum please ask politely. There are some very experienced and capable people following this thread. Finally, what you are attempting is difficult beyond your wildest imagination. Succeed or fail, you will be a different person by the end of it.

        • I know it will be difficult, but I went to school for this and for once I want to use my degree for something.

          So what formulas and design information would you like to know? The platform is not strictly a flying wing or tailless. The wingtips are the tails, and I decided this in order to deal with wingtip vortexes causing the finite wing to act like an infinite one. In other words adding a tail in this way would only INCREASE the lift-to-drag ratio.

          As for overall dimensions, I guess the wingspan would be about 3 feet, something you can fit in the back of a car. And don't worry, they're swept back at an angle of 45 degrees. Question is what type of airfoil should I use? I recommend something for low supersonic, around Mach 1.1.

          And yes, I will be a different person by the end of this. I will be more experienced. Now do you have any further questions?

  • The P-51 Mustang prop plane in a dive could and did go supersonic!


  • Takeoff will be difficult. Perhaps you should drop it from a larger model like the X-15 was.
    • Well what if it has a high thrust to weight ratio?

  • If the point is to make it over for a short time, you could just use model rocket motors, otherwise you'll need a complex liquid engine. Supersonic jets are pricy for a reason.

    just make sure your APM isn't flying! at those speeds, a few degrees of flaps and you're plowing into the ground. I would write a simple custom firmware that is optimized for super high speed ultra stable flight.

    for the body i recommend Aluminum sheet, riveted to an aluminum I-Beam frame. Remember, you don't need ANY lift on your wings, (supersonic jet=sideways rocket with big fins)

    • APM? What's that?

      As for materials I was actually considering carbon fibers.

  • T3

    Sounds way cool and very dangerous.  I've seen some youtube videos of some really fast jets, using turbine engines.

    I really think you're going to need some kind of rocket to punch it over the supersonic speed.

    Good luck and be safe.

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